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• Outdoor Boat & Camper Storage

• Excellent Night Time Lighting • Live Security Cameras 

• Fully Paved Driveways throughout the lot

Mobile storage containers

Storage Units
8' x 10'  • 8' x 20'

8' x 40'  •  8' x 48'

Secured Storage Units, Security Lighting, Cameras

ABC Storage On Site Containers, Mobile storage containers, truck parking

Secure Camper Parking

• Easy Highway Access   • Rocked Spots

• Security Cameras   • Gated & Fenced

Are you covered?
We value you and continually strive to offer convenient solutions for you while you are storing your items here. We understand that your personal circumstances can change during your duration here. For example, you may be between homes and no longer carry homeowner’s/renter’s insurance, or you may be storing more valuable items then you originally planned. It is important to us that you are protected.

Since self-storage facilities are not responsible for your goods in storage, we offer an affordable solution. In fact, you can get $1,000 of coverage for only $7.95 per month. There are several affordable options for you, ranging from $1,000 - $15,000 in coverage. As an added convenience, you can enroll in this insurance directly through us, and the monthly fee is simply added to your monthly rent payment.

Tenant Insurance is recommended for you if you answer, “Yes” to any of the following questions…


  • Would you replace (repurchase) all or a portion of the items you are storing if they were destroyed?

  • Is your Homeowner’s/Renter’s Insurance deductible more than $100?

  • Are you currently between homes and do not have Homeowner’s/Renter’s Insurance

For more information about Safestor Tenant Insurance, please go to www.ponderosainsurance.com/myfacility

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